Bil'in, 8 July 2005: A year to the Hague ruling against the apartheid wall.

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הצבא לובש מדים, ויוצא למלחמה ...





Who started the violence?
I was there on July 8, 2005. The violence was definitely started by the Israeli Occupation Army. The stun and tear gas granades were aimed at a peaceful group of demonstrators. They were densely fired into the retreating crowd. The rubber-coated steel bullets followed. They were shot by the IOF. This is the petty-violence.
The mega-violence, the apartheid wall being built in a way that robs Bil'in of about two-thirds of its land for the benefit of the expanding illegel settlers' colony of Modiin-Ilit, is definitely a violation of the Fourth Geneva Convention (A War Crime). It is a violation of the clear ruling of the International Criminal Court.  The ultimate aim of the local segment of the Apartheid Wall, to induce the total uprooting of Bil'in, is a CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY.
I was there on June 5, 1967. I leave it to historians to settle the question whether the war against Egypt was inevitable. However, the occupation of the West Bank had no justification whatsoever. It was planned well ahead of June 1967. Perhaps seventeen years earlier. It was an act of aggression whose sole aim was territorial expansion. Everything else is a lie.


It's a Palestinian ambulance. It can wait.


The picture on the left-hand side, taken by a Reuters correspondent in Bil'in on June 8, 2005, appeared in Haaretz. It shows demonstrators escaping a tear-gas granade shot by the Israeli Army.

ISM News Relay
July 8th 2005
The Israeli military injured 18 people in the village of Bil`in, during a demonstration. The protest marked the year anniversary of the decision of the International Court in the Hague that ruled that the barrier isillegal. 5 of the wounded were hospitalized.

24 year old Ramzi Yasin remains in critical condition. He was shot with a rubber bullet to the head, and underwent surgery.

20 year old Yones Yasin, also at demonstration, was shot in the abdomen at close range with a rubber-coated steel bullet: it penetrated his stomach.

Two days ago, a secret service (shabak) agent threatened the head of the popular committee in Bil`in: `if the demonstrations in the village continued, Bil`in will suffer the fate of the neighboring village, Biddu.` The agent elaborated `the people that organized the demonstration in Biddu - - do you know what they`re doing today? - - they are sitting in their homes and not making problems. 5 people were killed, and then they stopped demonstrating`.

In the last 18 months, at least nine people have been murdered by the Israeli security forces in the events related to nonviolent resistance to the illegal annexation barrier.

While the world focuses on Israel`s unilateral disengagement plan for Gaza the Israeli military has escalated it`s violent oppression of the popular resistance to the Annexation Wall specifically, and to the occupation of Palestinian lands in general.


The demonstration is over